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Games: how many beats?

Can you work out how many beats per bar in this unusual riff?

The Britten Sinfonia recording Emerging Dances

In this musical puzzle, there's a looped riff with an unusual time signature -- or number of beats per bar. The riff is on track 1 in the Composer tool below.

You can either count out the beats in each bar or use the musical counters on track 3 to help you. The first counter has 1 beat, the second has 2, and so on up to 5.

Hand button image

Try moving the counter bars alongside a bar of the riff until they add up to the number of beats in that bar. To move a bar, click on it, click on the Hand tool, then drag the bar. Or click on a bar and press H.

Scroll down for the answer...

The answer is 9 beats per bar, or 9/4 in musical terminology. The music in this puzzle is from Dennis Rollins' SoundJunction remix, Promise Land.