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Seb Rochford: looking for something to hit

Seb Rochford at recording session

One of the busiest young drummers in the country, Seb Rochford has played hardcore punk, straight-ahead jazz, hip hop and drum 'n' bass

ALTHOUGH SEB ROCHFORD found his way into music through childhood piano lessons at first, by the time he was in his teens he wanted to play the drums.

Open QuoteI mainly just learnt stuff by earClose Quote

The problem was, his school didn’t have a drum kit. So Seb began to learn at first on whatever bits and pieces of percussion he could find. He began with a snare drum, some tympani and a xylophone, learning simple percussion parts he could play with the school orchestra. But within three months of starting, he had to have a drum kit of his own.

He began listening to pop albums, to figure out what the beats were, trying to repeat them on the kit, playing along to Grace Jones and Duran Duran records...

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