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The flute: embouchure and breath control

As with many other wind instruments, good flute technique is all down to two key elements: embouchure and breath control. Anna Pyne gives some tips on getting it right

Close up of somone's lips playing a flute

Correct embouchure is essential

MAKING THE SOUND you want on the flute depends not only on what the flute is made of, but also how it is played.

The first essential for the sound is the embouchure. In common with all wind instruments a player has to develop the ideal shape of the mouth for the initial contact with the instrument.

Next, a player has to develop breath control, so that the air being blown into the instrument can be regulated.

Anna Pyne explains how a sound is produced on the flute, and how different kinds of pitches are achieved. She also talks about the controversial question of vibrato: how much, if any!

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