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The trumpet: what is it made of?

detail of Jazz trumpet with lacquer and classical trumpet without

More than simple brass instruments, trumpets are made in a variety of ways from a range of materials

IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING that the trumpet is a brass instrument, though what each of its parts is made of is more complicated. Most of the instrument is, as its name implies, made of brass – though, as Tony Cross shows, some of the instrument has copper in it, and some of the brass can be coated with other metals. Some instruments also have a layer of lacquer on them.

Open QuoteAll of the finishes do affect the sound qualityClose Quote

Tony Cross

Another variation between trumpets is the size of the cylindrical bore. The bore is the hole that runs from the mouthpiece to the bell, down which air is blown. Different sizes of bore have a big effect on the sound the instrument makes, and how much air has to be blown down it. Tony Cross talks about what his instrument is made of.

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