To get to play with the Britten Sinfonia I actually applied for the first bassoon job, which was the first bassoon in the orchestra. Also the principle wind players in the Britten Sinfonia are in a wind quintet called the Haffner quintet and [the job] was to be in this wind quintet as well. So I applied for it and did an audition and then I got though to the 2nd round where I had to do another audition and then didn’t get the job but they said they would put me on the extras list. And since then I have worked with them quite a lot and it has been fantastic. I love it.

The great thing about the Britten Sinfonia is that it is such a high quality chamber orchestra but they do such a variety of repertoire. For example they will put a Haydn symphony with a piece by Frank Zappa. We have just recently been on tour with Nitin Sawhney and it is fantastic. You get to go abroad and also you get to play in such venues like the QEH and over in Cambridge. And also there is education work attached to it which is really important. But mainly it is the variety and just the fact that all the players are just fantastic individual instrumentalists and altogether, I just love playing in a chamber orchestra.

I think sometimes when you are younger and you are going into an orchestra, especially when you are going in as principle and the rest of the section has been there for 30 years, sometimes it can feel strange. I used to find it a little bit intimidating. I used to think are they thinking, "who is this kid who has just turned up?" but actually if you play alright and you get the cues in and you’re ok to sit next to then they really respect it. They respect your playing and they thrive on it actually, the older members, because you have a totally fresh out look. They might have played Beethoven III fifty times but you may never have played it before. So you know to start with it is quite intimidating, but then if you play well then I think it is alright. I quite like being one of the younger members of the orchestras I go into. As I get a little bit older it is not always the case now. But obviously with the Britten Sinfonia I am the youngest member so, I quite like that actually.